Blow Yourself Open, Have a Guide Along the Way
A VIP mentorship with couples/throuples or singles to alchemize anything in your way of becoming fully you, fully alive, and fully turned-on to life (and the bedroom)!
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What is it?

Think of really dedicated, attentive care to your fullest potential and having me there to guide and direct you whenever you sway from who you are.

Think of deep care to the parts of you that have been hidden in shadow and the massive transformation when you, with my guidance, let them play full out in the world.

Think of the wild, hot, deeply connected sex and intimacy that you’ll experience when you have someone to drop you into the depths of your vulnerability.

I’m Genevieve

erotic explorer and expansion leader

I’m here to bring you to the fullest remembrance of yourSelf in your pleasure, passion, power, and purpose.

People know me for how quickly, fiercely, and easily I can turn people on – even people who’ve had years of no sex, or no passion, or no turn-on in their body.

I work quickly, I collapse time, and I base my work based on who you TRULY are, not on what you need to “fix” about you.

It’s here that we finally get to find the freedom that you’ve been searching for.


Here’s how it works:


2-3x/month, we have 75-90 mins video calls where we go deep into your pleasure and indicate any shadows that are holding you back from your full sexual aliveness (12 total calls)


We’ll also meet in person for a deep, immersive experience here in NYC for 2-3 days


This can be a 3 or 6 month intensive container, depending on your needs.

Who is this for?

This is for you if you’re ready to completely transform your reality and how you live your life.

For the overworked entrepreneur who’s created success BUT isn’t having the fun, joy, and ease that they used to..

For the couple who has all of the external rewards but are missing the deep intimacy and wild passion that people think they have…

For the visionary who’s ready to finally birth their creation into the world but is plagued by limiting thoughts and/or stuckness in their body

You will learn…


Fully embodied, personalized self-pleasure practice


Tools to lead yourself through any slumps or low energy so that you can create and lead from pleasure and bliss!


The ins and outs of relationship and business non-verbal communication, so that your magnetism becomes clear, making everything flow with simplicity


An embodied sense of quantum principles: how to collapse time, increase abundance drastically, and move through life with pleasure and bliss always


A complete release of all and any victimhood, freeing you to live fully empowered and as the full creatrix that you already are


The hottest, juiciest sex you could ever imagine. I’m talking HOT, ya’all. Hotter than hot!


You’ll get the Erotic Blueprint™ course as a bonus to take you through claiming your eroticism, healing any sexual shadows, and then expanding rapidly into massive ease and pleasure!

SO much more

the VIP mentorship is geared towards YOU and your goals and needs. I’m here to be a catalyst for the transformation that you’re seeking.


“… working with Genevieve absolutely jolted both my thinking about sex and my love life with my partner. {It} opened my eyes to my wife’s needs and how I can get into the mental and physical headspace to turn her on and arouse her while meeting her needs. Truly working with Genevieve was an amazing experience, even as someone who was a huge skeptic before all of this. As my wife and I move forward with our love we have Genevieve to thank for really making us a strong couple filled with desire and the knowledge of how to make each other happy. As I man, I can say I absolutely enjoyed every moment I had with Genevieve.”

Drew C

“ I came to this work because I was living for a chronic pain condition (vulvodynia) for the past 3 years and my #1 goal was pain relief. The pain I had was 7-8 [out of] 10 all day every day and it was all-consuming. I hadn’t been dating at all ( and it felt like it was completely off the table). Working with Genevieve ended up being the best thing I could’ve done. Top 3 Breakthroughs: 1. My pain is now about 1-2 [out of] 10 if not entirely gone most days. I often forget I have it. 2. I am open to dating but not in a place of desperation. Dating for me has always been a really scary prospect and I operated with a lot of anxiety. Now, feeling excited to make connections and open to possibilities but without the fear and anxiety 3. Realized that just because something has been the same for a long time, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way (and I don’t have to know HOW it will change).”

Rachel Gofman

“Every single time we had a call, I had giant breakthroughs. A lot kept opening up and opening up. At first I thought I was just pretending. Every time, it just got better and better. All of a sudden.. My p*ssy woke up! All of a sudden, my whole body woke up! It was amazing!”

Shari Shane

“Before I started working with Genevieve i felt sexually starved. I really couldn’t put my finger on what was not working for me. I just knew i needed help. Working with Genevieve has been like swimming in dark water with moonlight shining the way. Genevieve has been that moonlight.

I can now see that my sexual wounding has been something that has affected my whole life. From how much I earned to decisions I have made to how I showed up in the world. Sex and pleasure are mysterious. what gives your body pleasure can be experienced or shrouded in shame.

Genevieve is a master at holding space and helping you feel seen.Genevieve helped me to reclaim my pleasure and my voice. For that I will be eternally grateful. I think what is possible now is a deepening connection with my own body and brave steps forward to connecting with my partner.”

Beth Cooper

“Genevieve, I know I still have far to go and that this journey isn’t over by any means, but I want to thank you for all the love, compassion and joy that you’ve helped me to uncover. I told you when we first spoke that when I heard your name I knew you were the one I needed to work with. Even at over 7x the price of the girl that I spoke to before you that I told was too expensive! Just one conversation with you had me understanding the importance of valuing myself and my well being. I’m grateful to have a coach and friend in my life who is as amazing as you are and I’m excited about the journey I will continue on. I look forward to continuing to work with you and learn from you and to one day get to be beside you as a fellow coach! I want to say thank you a million times!”


“When I found Genevieve I was searching for a way to bring passion back to my life. I’d gotten really lost after the birth of my son and between body shame and lethargy I couldn’t figure out how to connect physically or emotionally with myself. What had used to bring me pleasure didn’t anymore and I didn’t know why or how to navigate it. Working with Genevieve gave me so much insight! I started to not only understand why my body (and mind) was responding differently to certain things (betraying me), but also how to bring the same pleasure I used to feel in varying new methods as well as start to heal some of the old more beloved methods of pleasure and intimacy. One example, when we started I could barely be touched or held without feeling like I was suffocating. Snuggling, which used to be my main path to intimacy with my husband was now overwhelming and almost agitating. This was so hard for us! It left my husband feeling rejected and unloved and me feeling irritated and unloving. But Genevieve helped me to uncover what has happening in my body and why these once familiar and comfortable sensations were now causing such different emotions. She helped me to discover some of the new ways that my body feels pleasure and how to bridge the gap between the old and the new. I’ve learned that there are so many different roads to passion and that we can feed each other and ourselves at the same time! This work has healed so much more that my physical body though. It has helped to heal a part of my heart and mind that has lain dormant for a long time. I believe that there is always work to be done, always a practice to help me improve myself and to reach the next level and I’m so grateful for this work because through it, I’ve discovered a passionate me who is able to help heal others again because I’ve once again started to heal myself.”


“I came out as kinky to my husband last year. We have been struggling ever since to help him understand why I love power play, pain, and submission. Genevieve… show[ed] my husband how Dom energy works, how I respond to pain play and submission, and why it means so much to me.

Her awareness of safety, consent, and Sub space made me feel completely safe in her hands. She not only gave me a deeply meaningful and pleasurable D/S session, but explained to my husband and our group of supporting witnesses at each step what was happening, how I was responding, and how it all works.

I can’t thank her enough for her professional, compassionate, and super hot Dom[me] work! I HIGHLY recommend Genevieve for any kink play, training, and education.”


“Each day Gen would work with me on releasing different parts of my creativity, focusing my mind, rooting my feet into the earth, lifting my heart to the sky and opening my voice to truth and wisdom. I walked out on stage every night feeling like nothing could stop me, absolutely prepared physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. New York can be an intense city to live in, especially as an artist, but when you find someone who touches your inner life and reminds you who you really are, you’ll remember that life is just a journey and we should always remember to be present in every moment. That is the gift that Genevieve is. A light to help you relight.”

Frances Brennand Roper

Does it really get to be this fun? Does it really get to be this easy? Will it “work” if I’m not putting in any hard work?

Yes, it does. Yes, it can. Yes, it’s more than possible.

Get ready to live in the quantum world of magic and pleasure and have the hottest, wildest, most transformational sex of your life!

Leap into what your heart and body desire, and let the rest of the magic unfold before your eyes. Get ready for a complete reinvention for your pleasure! Yes, you get to have it all with ease and bliss!


There is usually a 3-4 month wait to begin this work

I like to interview my VIP applicants personally, so book this call to have 90 minutes with me.

Whether as a single, powerful leader or as a couple who knows there’s something even greater for your sex life, join this call with the intention of going deeply into what’s possible for your pleasure and diving deep into any sources of disconnect. This is for you if you have already achieved success in your life, you have “done it all,” yet it still feels like something is lacking. You’re ready for depth. You’re ready for turn-on. You’re ready to feel your full sexual aliveness. At the end of this call, if it’s a fit for all parties, Genevieve will make an offer to guide you deeper into erotic ecstasy. If it isn’t a fit, she’ll provide you with excellent resources to continue your opening.

$997 for 90 mins Passionate Possibilities Call with Genevieve



“Before starting this program, I was in denial of my kink. I wasn’t being who I really was. I was very frozen, turned off, and frigid. Throughout Genevieve’s Erotic Breakthrough Coaching, I learned what my physical and sensual turn-ons were. I really learned the fine lines. Now, I’m ready for more and to see what’s next! Genevieve was truly inspirational for me, not only for the work she does, but for being who she is.”


“Before my sex coaching with Genevieve, I was not prioritizing sex and pleasure. Understanding my sexuality was not really on my mind. I was stuck in a place of resistance and afraid to try new things sexually.

I now understand I was depriving myself. Even though I was not actively having sex with anyone during my coaching period, I still benefited from the coaching and learned that self-pleasure is important too.

I went into this journey thinking I was an energetic sensual, and it turns out that I am a strong sexual kinky with a side of energetic (I’m proud of this label now). I looked down upon the kinkies in the beginning and it turned out I was one…

Genevieve normalized my need for connection and intimacy before getting sexual with anyone, which was really important for me. I needed that to be validated. My kinky side needs to feel completely safe, comfortable and nurtured before she can come out to play. She held a non-judgmental space for me to explore my turn ons, and now I’m curious to try new things I never would have considered before, like Shibari, the art of erotic Japanese bondage.”


“Before the work, I felt like I would take one step forward and two steps back with my sexual exploration. I tried to do kinky things, but I didn’t really get anywhere. Genevieve coached me on how to self-pleasure in different ways, so that now I have accessed the kinky parts of myself inside of my being. The Erotic Breakthrough Coaching gave me a strong foundation to build on, so that I can now continue to expand my sexuality and really explore where I’ve always wanted to go!”


“When I went there that night, I was anxious for a sense of change in my life. Up until that point, I was feeling very unfulfilled as both an actor and an individual. I didn’t exactly know why. I was pursuing the dreams I’d always had. I was working hard… but I still felt cut off from something vital. It was as if all my pursuits were almost cursory and I was missing out on something I couldn’t recognize or sense. As a result, I felt aggravated and angry at my restaurant job. I was short with people. My acting was occasionally erratic. Once, I sat down and couldn’t get out of my head for no good reason. I felt bypassed by other people, lost. Other days I felt wonderful but the feelings were fleeting. It bothered me and left me doubting a lot about myself and my capacity to JUST BE.

Genevieve changed all that. My entire attitude has changed. I find beauty and fulfillment in the simplest things. I’m more content, more self-aware. People respond to me differently and I see them – and who I am – with greater clarity then ever before. I look in the mirror now and I’m proud of the strides I’ve made and the changes I’ve affected. I’ve grown and I continue to grow every day thanks, in large part, to Genevieve and her beautiful ability to show me myself. There aren’t enough stars on any scale to properly rate my experience with her”


“Genevieve has an endless amount of knowledge, cares deeply about her clients, and is very attentive to each person’s needs, which is very rare. I am beyond excited to see my continuing expansion in living my fullest and highest potential. I am very blessed to have Genevieve in my life.”


“Before seeing Genevieve, I was frantic, chaotic, overwhelmed. I felt small. In my one-on-one session with Genevieve, I had major realizations about my family history. I had pain release through my body for days after the session. I had an energetic shift that weekend because I emotionally decided to own whatever I was about to do and to be seen. After that night, I tried to return to where I was before and I physically and energetically couldn’t do it – I had truly changed. Now, I’m free – vulnerable, but powerful. Both at once! I’m ready to be completely honest with myself and with other people of what I want, who I am, what I will accept and how I’ll move forward in life. Working with Genevieve has been transformational for me – and I highly recommend to anyone looking to seriously uplevel their lives.”

Eileen Kielty

“Before starting this program, I was in denial of my kink. I wasn’t being who I really was. I was very frozen, turned off, and frigid. Throughout Genevieve’s Erotic Breakthrough Coaching, I learned what my physical and sensual turn-ons were. I really learned the fine lines. Now, I’m ready for more and to see what’s next! Genevieve was truly inspirational for me, not only for the work she does, but for being who she is.”

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