F*ck Yourself Completely Open, in 12 Weeks or Less
Pleasure Academy is a 12-week pleasure and sexuality intensive lead by Genevieve that is geared toward ecstatic sexual expansion by fucking yourself completely open and then remembering the fullness that you are so that you can live your life with passion, ease, and unlimited abundance!
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What is Pleasure Academy?

This program is designed to liberate you from the shackles of shame and judgment and free you into your full sexual aliveness. Come home to your pleasure and become wildly orgasmic!

In this program you will…

Expand your curiosity, release stuckness around your pleasure and intuitive vision
Speak up with ease and confidence when something on your body doesn’t feel pleasurable
Clearly and seductively state your desires when they arise in your body, allowing your inner light and turn-on to guide your decisions
Have an embodied knowing of how you open and calm your nervous system using your unique, signature self-pleasure practice!
Become wildly intimate and loving with yourself, going deep into places within your sexuality that you have never felt safe enough to explore
Through self-pleasure, discover your innate gifts in the world and develop a clear vision of your divine assignment
Release stagnation or suffering around past sexual experiences and expand your capacity for pleasure
Easily soften in love and acceptance of your inner child, so that “pushing through” or “bearing it” is no longer a part of your reality
Adventure into ecstatically fun sexual experiences… with yourself! Discover the playground that lies within you!

I’m Genevieve

Turning people on is my gift to the planet. If you feel stuck or confused around your turn-on and passion, I can guarantee that hanging around me for twelve weeks will bring you exactly to that place of YUM! that you’ve been missing.

How does it work?

Pleasure Academy meets once weekly for 12 weeks total live on zoom.

On these calls, I will guide you through any resistances to liberate your body, mind, and spirit, and gift you the embodied understanding of how to open your nervous system with ease and bliss, giving yourself the opportunity to show up in the world with authentic magnetism and infinite love!

This is for you if…


Your body has been a place of disconnect or pain and you’re ready to reclaim it as YOUR temple and place of deep connection!


You're ready to go deep and surrender to your unlimited potential of pleasure!


Parts of you have been in the shadows and you’re ready to bring them out to play


You’re a high achiever, but are burning out on all the “doings”


You’ve played with embodiment work, feminine/masculine work, healing work before, but still feel incomplete and not fully in your power


Your self-pleasure practice is non-existent, confusing, or terrifying


You’re ready to reclaim your joy, power, and wild, authentic nature through the power of your turn-on!


“I realized how much I wanted to be perfect before. I realized that I was always relying on people to give me pleasure because I wasn’t very confident in giving it to myself. I thought giving pleasure to myself would make me feel lonely and I had limiting beliefs around it. I had the belief that I needed to be perfect, I would argue with my partner over something trivial, not important. Through taking Pleasure Academy I was able to just feel pleasure on my own and really reclaim my pleasure. Even in breathing I can feel pleasure, it’s so simple and so powerful! One of my A-ha moments would be celebrating being human! I thought I could see the bigger picture before but now I really see the bigger picture more! And it’s more fun this way! So excited for this new wisdom and more pleasure for life! “


“[When I first began Pleasure Academy], I had done a lot of courses in sexuality that had specific practices, in a certain blueprint, which was usually Energetic or Sensual. I would show up and do the practices, but it was like pushing the boulder up the hill. The next day it would be back. There was no growth in my ability to hold energy. My sexual energy had never felt like mine. It was rare to feel that deep intimacy and sense of agency. I was processing a lot around my queerness – a lot of fear and shame were present. There were some incredible horizons of listening to my genitals and discovering new ways of touching that had just never emerged with all the filters – a lot of shedding of stories happened… There is this relaxation in my genitals that is so welcome. This feeling of being more rooted and safe. I’m not pushing through when my inner children are present and that has been healing and shifts how I relate with other humans. A lot of layers un-peeling in my heart – I actually want to be connected to people.”


“Before I started this journey, I was holding a lot of shame around pleasure and had the idea that I was doing everything wrong and that my desires were too wild and too out there. I thought I was going to keep getting it wrong if I wouldn’t get it under control. To get it right was this holy sexual path of tantra and scriptures. Now I understand that there’s a whole other world… the world of energy. Now I feel more at ease about things. It’s not as much of a hustle or a game, it’s like “alright, this is cool & easy”. Pleasure is an energy I want to keep playing with – not just the energy of unconditional love or the energy of surrender but the energy of PLEASURE.”


“Where I was when I started this journey was – it felt as though there had been a stake driven down the center of me that divided my naturalness as a human being from my spirituality and that sexuality was sinful, that pleasure was sinful and creates suffering. And that my desires are bad and wrong and even frivolous.

What was memorable in this journey was the body mapping and the discovery of the Blueprints and I came to find out that I’m a Shapeshifter and I love and am turned on by all of it! Being able to direct my partner in an energetic way to have body orgasm after body orgasm then leading into a sexual experience was “fuck ya”!

Now, I am so open. The whole idea of expanding into the Blueprints and the things I’m considering now – maybe double penetration, maybe who knows, maybe an orgy. That would not have been on my map of the Universe before! I desire to share this expansion and support in liberating others.”


You will learn…


Signature self-pleasure practiced that is entirely UNIQUE to you.

You’ll have a step by step process to come back home to your body, created and designed based on my 20+ years of erotic discovery.

Sovereign tools and tips

…that you can use to relax shadows or distractions from pleasure.

Epic live weekly meetings

…to shift you back into pleasure, bliss, and deep intimacy with yourself and the group. These are highly transformational, unlike any group experience that you’ve had before.

Reclaiming & Healing of the shadow side

…of sexual shadows or intense experiences that have pulled you away from your infinite pleasure. Releasing the parts of yourself that have been hidden away.

Empowerment of your erotic voice

With clear yes/no’s to what you like and don’t like, and the simple tools to use to get exactly what you want, finally!


Within the group to continue to place your pleasure as a priority!

Two epic bonuses that you’ll get as a Pleasure Academy Participant:

One 60-minute 1:1 Zoom Call with Genevieve

to go deep into any personal blocks or confusions around the “work”

($2000 value)

The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course™ by Jaiya.

This course will bring you through an embodied understanding of your Core Erotic Blueprint™, the power to claim your erotic desire, healing of any sexual shadow, and wild erotic expansion. I am one of the featured teachers in this course, going deep into energetic and kinky sex and self-pleasure! It’s so yummy!
($1000 value)

Private facebook group

I check daily where you can share wins, ask questions, or ask for direction into your ultimate expression of pleasure!

I’m sure that you’ve done plenty of group courses already, and you may feel like “another one? Really?! How is this one any different?”

Let me break it down for you —

Those “courses” that you’ve done in the past, those are meant to help you UNDERSTAND, LEARN, AND GAIN MORE KNOWLEDGE.

Mental understanding does not actually shift your body and internal energetics, so the awareness of what’s next is there, but the operating system that you’re working with is exactly the same.
Pleasure Academy is an EMBODIED experience. I invite you to release your need to know, to understand, and simply trust in the divine intelligence of your erotic mastery.

Each call is not designed to answer questions or chit chat – the calls are powerful vortexes of energetic movement to realign you with your fullest potential for pleasure.

Over time, your energetic body begins to recognize this as the new normal and pleasure becomes not something that you need to strive to achieve, but something that is simply integrated in your Being.

The investment for Pleasure Academy is $6997

Payment plans are available.

To apply for the next round of The Pleasure Academy, simply fill out this application.

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