Play in this journey of infinite pleasure with me

Flirting with the idea?

I’ve helped hundreds of clients rediscover deep sexual satisfaction and pleasure. Outrageous bliss and joy is your birthright and my divine assignment is to remind you of exactly that!


Celebrating you for being here = the first step in reclaiming your Power, Passion, Purpose, and PLEASURE!

The Self-Pleasure Challenge

My free gift to you! 4-days to reclaim the power within your own skin! You also get to dive into my epic community, The Pleasure Circle, where you will find thousands of people also reclaiming this new way of living in pleasure!

Pleasure Creation

After Pleasure Academy, join us in my high-end Sex and Business Mastermind, where you get to create a successful business, non-profit, or creative project based on the quantum principles of tantra, kink, and the flow of the universe. It is a mix of strategy and surrender – a fast-paced container to bring what wants to be birthed through you out into the world.


I only take a select few 1:1 or 2:1 (couples) clients per year. This is for you if you’re stuck in burn-out, tension, or resentment and are ready for rapid transformation, the sex life of your dreams, and a deep embodied remembrance of who you are.