Episode 13

Words that Move with Max Stossel

Words are a powerful form of expression. How do we let creativity flow in a way that is authentic and truthful? It’s not about the words themselves, but rather where they’re pointing. In this episode, I’m talking to Max S., poet, filmmaker, and speaker, who understands how to make words flow in a way that moves people. I found such power and desire and truth in his poem about porn, titled A Wild Vessel, and knew I had to have him on the show. Max shares his creative process, his journey with sexuality and eroticism through the influence of porn in his youth, and how he learned to reclaim his sexuality and intimacy in adulthood.


What you’ll find in this episode:

      • How poetry (both what it is and is not) influenced Max’s work
      • The importance of removing the ego from creativity
      • His porn poem, A Wild Vessel
      • How going with the flow can take your original idea to new and unexpected heights
      • How to not limit your creativity to what you think it wants to be
      • The energetic synchronicities between love, art, and god
      • Why community is important to championing one’s truth
      • Advice on how to fully accept yourself (hint: live your truth!)
About max:

Max Stossel is an award-winning poet, filmmaker, and speaker, named by Forbes as one of the best storytellers of the year. His one-man show “Words That Move” is currently selling out theaters all over NYC and is beginning to tour in select locations. His work has been translated to fourteen languages, won multiple film festivals, and has been viewed over 20 million times online. Max is also the Youth & Education Advisor for the Center for Humane Technology, an organization of former tech insiders dedicated to realigning technology with humanity’s best interests. He is currently performing Words That Move in theatres, speaking or performing at schools, corporations & events, and helping select brands tell their stories in his style via video.

Connect with max:

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