Episode 9

Generating Millions at a Young Age with Brandon Love

Brandon Love is the co-founder of Crumble Co., and one of the youngest million-dollar revenue business owners that I know. In this episode, I interviewed him to talk about how he’s reached this business success at a young age and his entrepreneurial nature. He shares his advice for people who are shy in business, his experience of coming out and we talk about how he manages his finances. We covered a lot of juicy details about being in the LGBTQ+ community, our love of sex positivity and so much more. 

What you’ll find in this episode:

  • How he made his first million
  • His experience of being a CEO in his early twenties
  • Brandon’s love of creating experiences and being entrepreneurial from a young age
  • His advice for people who are shy 
  • How he ended up coming out
  • Being the “token queer” of the group 
  • Why he’s sex-positive
  • His dating life and experience as a socialite in Kansas City
  • How he manages his money
  • The connection between money and power
    About Brandon

    Crumble Co founder Brandon Love crafted his first crumble product in 2015, at 2:00am while trying to de-stress from the weight of the world around him. He had a motto: Stay busy, it gets better.

    With roots in graphic design, copywriting and small batch manufacturing, Brandon’s superpower has always been creating online experiences that simply feel good. 

    Tied in with a deep passion for queer equality and women’s rights, Brandon has built the small empire that is Crumble Co – and has had a hell of a lot of fun while doing it. He’s passionate about empowering fellow Queerpreneurs through his work, both here, at Crumble and beyond.

    Connect with Brandon:

    Website | Instagram | Facebook


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