Episode 11

Finding Transformation and Wisdom in Your Body with Tasha Blank

Feeling stuck in your body? Wanting to release your emotions through movement? Ready to get raw and wild? 

Join Genevieve and Tasha Blank, Minister of sound, movement magician, international DJ, speaker, teacher and founder of NYC’s wildest dance experience The Get Down. Tasha is a master of holding space for cathartic transformation and an experience with her will leave you raw and alive.

Tasha will also dive deep into:

  • What’s real and true in movement of emotion and energy
  • What transformation really means
  • The wisdom in the body

And we’ll hear deeply about her personal experience with life, feelings, artistry, and creation.

This is going to be a delectably raw, honest, open conversation about reality, expression, and full, wild aliveness.

What you’ll find in this episode:

  • Freeform dance vs. structured dance and how this changed her life forever
  • How stepping into her true self created pushback internally and externally
  • The birdseye view that the pandemic gifted her
  • Why you have to give yourself space to drop into your feelings
  • What her creative process is and her tips for manifesting that in the world
  • How overwhelm can impact her in her work
  • Why you need community and connection
  • What’s possible when you find your entry point to flow
    About TASHA:

    Minister of Sound, international dj, speaker, consultant and founder of NYC’s wildest dance experience The Get Down, Tasha is a master of holding space for massive transformation. Through private coaching and consulting, intimate retreats, intensive trainings and public events, she guides global audiences into their most powerful expression.

    As the official movement guide for the BREETHE Meditation App, she leads stressed + overwhelmed humans back to their brilliance with joy, efficiency and ease. Her online mastermind THE PORTAL is the place to connect for live dances, daily transmissions + epic resources.

    Tasha’s viral video manifestos, courses, music, writing (and all other creations) integrate an interdisciplinary background in neuroscience, critical theory, ritual and somatics to help folks reclaim their hidden superpowers + live their most deliciously creative existence.

    Connect with TASHA:

    Website | Facebook



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