Episode 1

The Mindfulness Playbook with Keith Mitchell

I’m super duper excited to be bringing you an exciting guest in today’s episode. He is a former NFL player turned yogi, motivational mindfulness coach, community activist and founder of the Light It Up Foundation. Keith shares so much raw insight into his life and his journey from an athlete to the work he does now. He talks about writing his new book, The Mindfulness Playbook, 8 Strategies for Winning at the Game of Life. We also get into his experience with tantric alchemy, his sex life (and how it’s evolved since his NFL days) and the power that comes from deep connections.

What you’ll find in this episode:

  • Keith’s journey from an NFL player to what he does now
  • Who Keith was before his football accident
  • His experience of intimacy lacking substance
  • The process he went through of using tantric alchemy
  • Embracing the masculine and feminine energy
  • What sex is like for him now
  • His self-pleasure practices
  • What happens to the adult psyche when we don’t get the desired connection
  • Superpowers he’s been able to bring forth through his practices
  • What the world would be like if everyone discovered tantra
About Keith

Keith Mitchell is a former All-Pro NFL player turned Celebrity Yogi,
a Motivational Mindfulness Coach, Holistic Health, Fitness and Wellness Advocate, Community Activist, Humanitarian and Founder of the Light it Up Foundation.

Connect with Keith:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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