Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror at the end of the day and wondered how did the day go by so quickly?; How is it you’re this exhausted?; How is it that your face looks so fatigued and worn thin?

What’s it like looking into your eyes for the first time all day when it has come to its end? You may be wondering how an entire day went by and how little attention you’ve actually given to YOU. Wondering how your life gets so wrapped up in the “to-do’s” that you barely have the time to look into your own eyes.

Do you ever feel like you move about your day like a fast-paced, mechanically tensed robot attending to everyone else’s needs but your own?

Does sex feel like another chore, another thing that you’re “supposed” to do?

There’s a laundry list of ways that you’re “supposed” to show up in different areas of your life – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically.

You’re trying all the new fasting techniques, all the different communication prompts, and you’ve read every self-help book out there.

Yet, something is still… missing? Off? It’s not necessarily that it’s MISSING – I mean, you’d do fine without it.  You’re getting by. You’re managing. (You’re super good at managing.. Right?)

It’s just… this little voice

inside of you has a feeling…

A feeling that the magic you felt as a little girl when you were chasing fireflies is still possible today…

That just because something made you into an “adult” and slapped on expenses and marriage and kids and roles and responsibilities doesn’t mean you have to let go of that twinkle in your eye you once had, the one still holding on…

That just because your hips don’t fit the size 2 from your youth doesn’t mean you can’t turn yourself on as you sway down the street and feel your thighs caress each other.


You know who you really are


Full of aliveness, full of purpose, full of passion, full of OOMPH! 

And every New Moon, New Year, new phase – you make another oath to find this person again.  And you tell all your friends. And you try SO HARD! 

But then another month goes by, and you’re still in the monotony. Body crunched. Stomach full of food you didn’t want to eat and a mind too pumped up with tomorrow’s tasks to even sleep at night.  

You feel like you’ve failed. You’ve been trying SO hard to live a life of pleasure and joy and it all still feels… HARD. Meh.

 I get it. 

This is how our society has bred us to “adult.” 

Not only is it boring, it’s EXHAUSTING. And completely unsustainable.  

For me, my body got to a breaking point. 

I remember laying down on my couch, a single mother at the time with a 103 degree fever, watching my toddler try to play with me and feeling unable to move.  

Not only that, I had no desire to move. 

I had lost my life force. 

I was stuck in doubt, uncertainty, fear, and memories of the past. 

I looked at the women on social media that were so happy, in love, free, and I thought, “that can’t be for me. I’m too broken. Life’s too hard. It’s just not possible.” 

It was that moment, that thought, those emotions, that made me collapse and for the first time I let myself fully feel it all. 

I cried, right there in front of my sweet, innocent son. 

Full, big, shaky tears and I let out a banshee of a scream.

A scream of “NO MORE” 

A scream of “It’s time for a change”

A scream of “there’s got to be another way.” 

From that day on, I put MY OWN pleasure first.

And not only that, I spent delicious, focused time, attention, and care figuring out what my body needed in every moment to feel fully alive, rested, and turned on – no matter what I was doing!

Over the years I’ve come to realize what each person’s body needs is wildly unique to them, which is why I’ve designed a framework to show you exactly how to bring your body back into pleasure! No matter who you are, what your history is or what quirks you may be bringing to the table – it’s all welcome here 😉

Don’t like baths? No worries.

Hate having to breath out your mouth? Great.

Kinda scared to even feel pleasure in your body? Totally get it.

This isn’t about acing another test – this is finally about putting YOUR BODY, YOUR NEEDS, YOUR PLEASURE FIRST and claiming YES to a life of YOU, fully alive! 


The Self-Pleasure Challenge is the only time you get me personally guiding you through different pleasure practices, answering live questions, engaging with you and our epic community in The Pleasure Circle – all so that you can feel empowered, excited, and engaged in your own pleasure practice! 


Pleasure is for ALL BODIES, no matter the gender, size, race, etc., so this Self-Pleasure Challenge is designed with that in mind.  No matter who you are, pleasure is your g*ddamn birthright, you hear me? And it’s about time you decided to step into that! 


Why? So that FINALLY you can come to your day feeling alive, resourced, and aware of how epic you are. 

Why? So that your children feel your presence while playing with them.

Why? So that your creative juices start flowing again and you finally do that thing you’ve been meaning to do.

Why? So that you show your body that you, too, get to feel amazing in it! 


If you’re scared, if you’re nervous, if you’re tense about spending 3 days with me learning how to bring pleasure to your skin, don’t worry, we got you. 


The Self-Pleasure Challenge takes place in The Pleasure Circle, an incredible, supportive, and loving community of people who take a stand for their pleasure. In there, you can tag me or my team with questions, wins, anything else that you desire! We’re here for YOU! Remember, pleasure is for EVERY BODY so there’s no question I won’t answer and no support I won’t give during the 3 days that we have together. Know you are already being incredibly held by us all waiting to receive you.


The Self-Pleasure Challenge is streamed live into The Pleasure Circle where you can ask me direct questions and comment real time… AND if this topic makes you kinda shy – we won’t be able to see your face, you can do the practices in the privacy of your own home and during a time that works for you! We did this on purpose – so that you can feel comfy to explore something that might not feel so comfy in the beginning. By the end of day 3 pleasure will feel like yours again! It’s all about taking that first, brave step and choosing to dive in!


There will be nightly homeplay to support you in embodying the practices on your own (because, hello, pleasure is in the BODY, not the mind – don’t care how many tantra books you read 😉 ), and also feel free to f*ck it all up and do you, baby! This is for you! Remember? There’s no way to f*ck it up 😉 


Diving into the community and giving the gift of pleasure fills me with SO. MUCH. DELIGHT! 

I can’t wait for us to all play together September 21st, 22nd & 23rd . I’ll be there live every day at 1pm ET – do your best to join me live so that we can connect.  I can’t wait to meet you, hear your stories, and bring you ten steps closer to living a life of complete and utter pleasure. You deserve it, love! Let’s go!




Is this live? What platform will you be using? 

Yes, this is LIVE via FB but you can also catch the replay at any time!


How do I make sure I’m all set up to join?

Simply be sure that you’re in The Pleasure Circle on FB here: www.facebook.com/groups/pleasecircle.  I will be in there streaming live daily at 1 pm ET.  Save an hour for each call. 


I’m really nervous about anything pleasure-related. Is this right for me? 

I totally get it! This is a great first step because you don’t have to be on video.  You can try the embodiment practices in the comfort of your own home


What if something comes up during the challenge? Do I have chance to receive support?

Yes! I will be in the group answering questions and supporting you throughout these three days.  I also have an incredible team who were in your shoes only a few years ago and will be there, ready to help. 



What if something comes up during the challenge? Do I have chance to receive support?

Yes! I will be in the group answering questions and supporting you throughout these three days.  I also have an incredible team who were in your shoes only a few years ago and will be there, ready to help. 



What makes this different from other self-pleasure challenges?

The other ways of self-pleasuring didn’t work for me.  It felt forced and silly, and my body wasn’t responding.  Because of this, I’ve developed a method that works for ALL bodies, all nervous systems! 




I’m nervous about there being all genders in there. Why do you do that?

I am a firm believer that one of the biggest things that keeps us from love is that we separate ourselves from each other, thinking we’re “different.” Gender is another construct that does this to us.  I am committed to healing the divide across gender lines so that everyone can see how beautiful we all are and heal together in community.


What if there are creepers on there who bother me? 

Due to how I set up the challenge, this is very rare. But if at any point you’re getting messages or weird vibes from someone in the group, immediately email Ariel, my epic assistant at ariel@genevievepleasure.com.  We will support you and the situation immediately. This is a safe place for all of us to explore vulnerably! 





The timing won’t work for me. When’s the next one? 

How many times have you pushed back your pleasure to another time? I believe that no matter what’s happening around us, it is our birthright to put our own pleasure first.  I encourage you to create the time, even if that means watching the replays, and staying engaged throughout the three days. You won’t regret it.  I never know when the next one is – I run these based on intuition!




“I’m listening to my body more and surrendering to sadness, anger, grief.”

Jacqueline Patella

“This week has taken me to places I have never previously dared to go, and I am truly grateful to our community. Being able to share like this has itself been a huge turn on for me, and I love this. My upbringing would never have allowed me to go anywhere near this in a million years. Thank you all for each sharing. Lilith, who is amongst us, would smile, and know that we are each stepping gently, and in safety, into the light of our souls.”-


“I’ve been feeling pleasurable and making it a point to just simply be pleasure. Life has slowed down and my default is no longer stress.”

Danielle Faber

“So much love and gratitude in my heart for you offering the gift of this week. My question/fear going in was “being and feeling too much”. Now I am celebrating my capacity to feel it all, from humans, plants, trees, distant pulsars and galaxies. I am really feeling it all is a gift, not a curse. It’s all about how I perceive the waves. They are ALL LOVE. I knew that as a concept before, but now I trust it and my cells remember. My body feels so heavy, but good heavy…like I’ve landed and have stopped thrashing around. Thank you, thank you, thank you”

Clare Barnes

“Going from hardly self pleasuring to daily this past week has really manifested some wonderful people and opportunities into my life already. I’m so grateful for feeling yummy and enjoying my own touch🌼 this has been fantastic!!”


“ Waking up this morning has me feeling creative and grateful for this group. I pushed boundaries and changed how I self pleasure because of these exercises. Typically my self pleasure was a fast rub to my clitoris to get off….now I include all of me, I feel less guilt around it because we all made it ok to do it! I fully realize that bringing my sex energy into the creative manifestation will blow it wide open. THANK YOU so much for all of this!”

Christina Myers

“When I started this I was in a really dark place- letting go of not just that home but everything it stabilized me from- addiction, depression, anxiety, physical pain, etc. preparing myself to let all my darkness consume me however it will. Preparing to completely surrender to my shadow. And this practice came up and it just grabbed me. I felt drawn to it and felt a curiosity for pleasure in this space that I wanted to explore. I have spent the whole week pleasuring myself in every way and today I feel creative and inspired and hopeful. I’m so grateful. This has been so enlightening. Thank you”

Micaela Williams

“Genevieve my dear. How many times can I actually thank you? Doing your self pleasure course was absolutely amazing. I’ve always been a sex driven girl. Dirty jokes, always thinking of sex and flirty but since having kids and working, my days were boring and mundane and sex became just another thing on the ‘to do’ list.

Since doing this course I’ve genuinely woken up. Sex has become adventurous and open and naughty again. Seriously. My vagina hurts from having so much of it. I know I can say that to you and you’ll laugh. Ha ha
Honestly. I need more of you in my life. My confidence and self awareness has sky rocketed into a level I’ve never been at before. Between this and mama gena I’ve got wild pussy power. Thank you again for all you do.”


“When we began this challenge, I wasn’t fully aware of how many and how strong the blocks were in my body. I have a LONG way to grow and heal but these daily practices brought so much awareness and hope to me. I’ve given myself permission to ask for what I want, to give myself what I need, and know that it’s okay to do so. I don’t get mad at my body when she’s scared or remembering pain from the past. I’ve learned how much more healing it is to lean into the pain, acknowledge it, crack open, and expand. So grateful for the guidance and support from this group. I love my body!! “


“Before the challenge, I was just beginning to be aware of the mental, emotional, and energetic blocks surrounding my sacral chakra and sexuality. Consistently making time for self-intimacy and reflection has helped me understand myself and my turn-ons, and helped foster a compassion within me for my sexy self. Miracles I witnessed included seeing true raw beauty in the silver stretchmarks that cross my belly. This was the first time I’ve felt love towards this part of my body. Another first, I had sex with my husband while I was on my period- and it was SO good. I have become such a more effective communicator with my body’s wants and needs for pleasure or silence, for intimacy or space and I respect her needs. I can challenge past ways of thinking “period sex is painful and gross” or “rope tying is about power imbalance”. Rather than attaching a preconceived stigma to exploring my sexuality, I have learned to simply listen to my body and do what makes me feel good. This is a lesson I needed to learn, being a not fully-out bisexual/polyamorous. I am beyond grateful for this enlightening experience. I still have so much to learn from my body. I need to learn more ways to make her feel alive, balanced, loved, and respected. This experience has given me the power of body awareness and I am overwhelmed with gratitude 💗Thank you Genevieve!”

Becky Ortega