Discover how to f*ck yourself open.

It will leave you with a delicious sense of erotic sovereignty, no longer needing someone outside of you to bring you pleasure, no longer waiting for the “healer” to come along and “fix” you.

This is for you if…

You’ve done ALL of the other personal/spiritual development programs and life still seems ridiculously “hard” or “busy”
You want to find your inner magic and stop answering to the “shoulds” of society
Reconnect to your body. Remember the power within your own skin. Release shame and suffering around your pleasure.
Your relationship feels like roommates instead of lovers OR you are epically single and keep running away from relationships

You make money by working hard and are ready to make money by orgasming daily!

You’re curious about how to live in “flow state” to create the reality of your dreams


“This was so powerful, thank you! So simple and juicy, I'm nourished now. I've been able to tap into a sense of deep sensual relaxation where time no longer matters. This is a really lovely feeling that I previously could only access laying with a partner. To know I can lay with myself in this way is so empowering. I'm loving how my self-pleasure directly correlates with sex. I find myself blossoming on my own- being more and more open to receiving. Same thing with a partner! Blows my mind in the best way."

Bess Leader

“Before the challenge: In and out of connecting to my pleasure, or even wanting to, knowing I needed a practice/structure and to commit to my pleasure, curious about what’s in my way and why pleasure isn’t a more frequent priority for me. What’s possible now? Turning all of life into pleasure, calming my nervous system is new ways, calling in clients to my new feminine Journeys business."


“I was in a place where I sought sexual pleasure from my partner and found myself with a low drive to initiate... Which led to disappointment and resentment when he didn't initiate and with a lot of focus on professional productivity on my end. This challenge gave me the opportunity to commit to making my own pleasure a priority - for me, from me. And when I had the time to explore, to go slow (or fast) and most importantly just take the time for it, I found myself to be much more joyful, satisfied and at peace with life. I starting having no expectations of my partner and initiating myself instead. The fire and desire in me blew him away, thus also increasing his desire and playfulness. It's win-win and it starts with YOU. Thank you Genevieve for sharing your wisdom!"


“I was miserably stuck before this challenge. Lots of physical symptoms manifesting. Now I feel empowered with stagnant energy moving through my body and releasing. I feel ready to get moving again!”

Helen Rowlands

“I was struggling to let myself feel…. now after the… challenge I am in a place where I have given myself permission to let what ever I’m feeling be just right. I’m finding I’m able to listen more to all of it, and finding it all way more fun. I gave myself permission to experience all the blueprint styles without it having to mean anything. I’m more free than I was 5 days ago.”


“Ive been feeling pleasurable and making it a point to just simply be pleasure. Life has slowed down and my default is no longer stress."

Danielle Faber
How do I join?

A $2,000 value, this is FREE for everyone in my community, The Pleasure Circle.

Simply click here to join The Pleasure Circle, fill out the application questions, and then you will gain access to the Self Pleasure Challenge. Don’t forget to say hello, ask questions, add comments, and let us know how your body is feeling throughout the 4 days of bliss!


“I’m listening to my body more and surrendering to sadness, anger, grief.”

Jacqueline Patella

“This week has taken me to places I have never previously dared to go, and I am truly grateful to our community. Being able to share like this has itself been a huge turn on for me, and I love this. My upbringing would never have allowed me to go anywhere near this in a million years. Thank you all for each sharing. Lilith, who is amongst us, would smile, and know that we are each stepping gently, and in safety, into the light of our souls.”-


“I’ve been feeling pleasurable and making it a point to just simply be pleasure. Life has slowed down and my default is no longer stress.”

Danielle Faber

“So much love and gratitude in my heart for you offering the gift of this week. My question/fear going in was “being and feeling too much”. Now I am celebrating my capacity to feel it all, from humans, plants, trees, distant pulsars and galaxies. I am really feeling it all is a gift, not a curse. It’s all about how I perceive the waves. They are ALL LOVE. I knew that as a concept before, but now I trust it and my cells remember. My body feels so heavy, but good heavy…like I’ve landed and have stopped thrashing around. Thank you, thank you, thank you”

Clare Barnes

“Going from hardly self pleasuring to daily this past week has really manifested some wonderful people and opportunities into my life already. I’m so grateful for feeling yummy and enjoying my own touch🌼 this has been fantastic!!”


“ Waking up this morning has me feeling creative and grateful for this group. I pushed boundaries and changed how I self pleasure because of these exercises. Typically my self pleasure was a fast rub to my clitoris to get off….now I include all of me, I feel less guilt around it because we all made it ok to do it! I fully realize that bringing my sex energy into the creative manifestation will blow it wide open. THANK YOU so much for all of this!”

Christina Myers

“When I started this I was in a really dark place- letting go of not just that home but everything it stabilized me from- addiction, depression, anxiety, physical pain, etc. preparing myself to let all my darkness consume me however it will. Preparing to completely surrender to my shadow. And this practice came up and it just grabbed me. I felt drawn to it and felt a curiosity for pleasure in this space that I wanted to explore. I have spent the whole week pleasuring myself in every way and today I feel creative and inspired and hopeful. I’m so grateful. This has been so enlightening. Thank you”

Micaela Williams

“Genevieve my dear. How many times can I actually thank you? Doing your self pleasure course was absolutely amazing. I’ve always been a sex driven girl. Dirty jokes, always thinking of sex and flirty but since having kids and working, my days were boring and mundane and sex became just another thing on the ‘to do’ list.

Since doing this course I’ve genuinely woken up. Sex has become adventurous and open and naughty again. Seriously. My vagina hurts from having so much of it. I know I can say that to you and you’ll laugh. Ha ha
Honestly. I need more of you in my life. My confidence and self awareness has sky rocketed into a level I’ve never been at before. Between this and mama gena I’ve got wild pussy power. Thank you again for all you do.”


“When we began this challenge, I wasn’t fully aware of how many and how strong the blocks were in my body. I have a LONG way to grow and heal but these daily practices brought so much awareness and hope to me. I’ve given myself permission to ask for what I want, to give myself what I need, and know that it’s okay to do so. I don’t get mad at my body when she’s scared or remembering pain from the past. I’ve learned how much more healing it is to lean into the pain, acknowledge it, crack open, and expand. So grateful for the guidance and support from this group. I love my body!! “


“Before the challenge, I was just beginning to be aware of the mental, emotional, and energetic blocks surrounding my sacral chakra and sexuality. Consistently making time for self-intimacy and reflection has helped me understand myself and my turn-ons, and helped foster a compassion within me for my sexy self. Miracles I witnessed included seeing true raw beauty in the silver stretchmarks that cross my belly. This was the first time I’ve felt love towards this part of my body. Another first, I had sex with my husband while I was on my period- and it was SO good. I have become such a more effective communicator with my body’s wants and needs for pleasure or silence, for intimacy or space and I respect her needs. I can challenge past ways of thinking “period sex is painful and gross” or “rope tying is about power imbalance”. Rather than attaching a preconceived stigma to exploring my sexuality, I have learned to simply listen to my body and do what makes me feel good. This is a lesson I needed to learn, being a not fully-out bisexual/polyamorous. I am beyond grateful for this enlightening experience. I still have so much to learn from my body. I need to learn more ways to make her feel alive, balanced, loved, and respected. This experience has given me the power of body awareness and I am overwhelmed with gratitude 💗Thank you Genevieve!”

Becky Ortega