An Online Immersive Weekend Retreat with Genevieve

April 30th – May 2nd 2021


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Use the Power of your Orgasm

to Create your Dream Life! 

What do you dream to do?

Finally get that book written? 

Create the incredible retreat center to help hundreds of people who seek ease and rest? 

Design the product that will change the way people relate to their home, their bodies, their lives? 

Say “Yes” to your dream partner and become the Power Couple that leads a revolution? 

Have the most epic, kinky, open sex with your partner that knocks both of your socks off, all the while making six-figs+ in your biz? 

(no dream is too far away!)

Those. Sound. Amazing, Needed, and Closer than you think. 

But most of us don’t make those dreams happen. We’re hesitant to build the life of our dreams because… well… it sounds like a lot of work.

And work = burn out.


What if….

What if you didn’t have to resign to the life in front of you?

What if you could tap into the ease and power that’s right under your fingertips?

What if you could create the life you crave?

 Sex magic.

You’ve heard there’s something to it.

But you don’t have the slightest idea where to start.

And, frankly, your life may seem so far from pleasure, you can’t even think about it.

 Let’s redefine the too busy, too tense, too jam-packed life         

 And create a life that makes you excited!

All through sex magick!

What is holding you back from living fully in Pleasure?

I ask this to all my clients when I first meet them.


Want to know what most of them say?


“I don’t know how…”


“I don’t have the time…”

My response? No problem.

I can teach you how to live a life of pleasure and ease.

Once you know and feel how delicious it is, you’ll look forward to creating the time for your pleasure!

Turning You On To Your Power
Through Passion and Pleasure

You’re not wrong or selfish for wanting to finally live your life in pleasure.

I mean… full on pleasure for yourself… and having that new aliveness increase the vitality that’s already in you…Who wouldn’t want that?!

You deserve to feel good… about you. And about the dream way of living and creating you thought was too impossible to have for so long.

You deserve it all.
Read that again…. S.l.o.w.l.y.

So why does it feel like that dream way of living is nearly impossible to manifest into reality?

Let me tell you, that thought is more constricting to your nervous system than you realize.

It’s been fed to you by social media.
It’s been drilled into you by societal “norms.”

And that’s not the kind of drilling that feels good.

Creative energy busting from your most turned-on self!

Like…we’re talkin;

leaving “have-to”s and “shoulds” in the past,

living fully your most turned-on self, all while your “wild” idea you’ve been sitting on for years becomes a full on amazing creation that you feel good about, too.

AND the creations that you’ve already manifested become easier, more aligned, and full of pleasure.

Love, it’s time to discover

what your body can do for you 


Yes, it’s about feeling yourself

Yes, it’s about owning your orgasm…

And it’s also about so much more! 

It’s about living in pleasure. 24/7.

And being fully awake to what that pleasure can do for you.


Not just within yourself.

But everywhere else – your relationships, your creations, your whole life!

 And yes, that also means bringing your craziest dreams to life

without burning yourself out.

Worst case scenario? 

You’ll walk away from the weekend with easy-as-hell sex magic!

(You deserve to live in pure pleasure!)

3 Days – Simple tips and tools to create massive impact and shift your life out of Orgasmic Intelligence!  

** Each day will be from 11am – 4pm EST, with breaks every 60-90 mins, plenty of time to MOVE YOUR BODY and RELEASE ENERGY! 

** We have a not-to-be-missed special guest from 7-830pm EST on Friday night, and our EPIC movement and creation circle is happening from 7-9pm EST on Saturday evening. 

Who is Creatrix For?


Have been waiting for a new, exciting way to bring your amazing business idea to life


Are Looking to use turn-on to create a new reality for yourself


Are craving to ignite the juicy passion back into your relationship


Are ready to live fully in passion and relaxation


Want assurance that everything will work out in your favor and pleasure...

Then You Belong 

In a community of people who joyfully explore the reality of what their bodes can create and bring out in the world.

You know that sexy little voice inside of you that says

“Im ready to live a life of pleasure and purpose?”   

I hear it. Loud. And. Clear



There is so much you’ve kept within yourself.

It’s just waiting for a super yummy release.

See, when you live in constant pleasure, Everything falls into place.

I’m talking all your worries fall away…

All those crazy-creative ideas you’ve bottled away come out…

And you become so fully conscious of your life’s ambitions that they manifest themselves right before your eyes.

The steamy hot sex? Well, it’s just a major bonus.

Before you know it, all those “rights” and “wrongs”

Will disappear… POOF!

All you’ve ever needed to know has been right inside you all along.

It’s time for you to discover it by discovering yourself…

And become the most powerful YOU you’ve ever been.


I can assure you

That “weird ass” idea you’ve been holding onto for years…

The one that makes you “too creative” for others to fully understand… There is a way to bring it into life WITHOUT having to work harder and tire yourself out even more.

With Creatrix, you’ll learn how to embody the power within you.

And you’ll walk away knowing there are people who want you living in your full power and making the impact that you’re meant to make. 

Your people are out there. We’re ready for you.

– xo


I’m Genevieve


I live in the land where everything is perfect and pleasure is amazing and constant. And though it hasn’t always been that way for me, I’ve learned how to embody it, embrace it, and enhance it in others.

I can tell you without any doubt that every single one of us is already whole, completely perfect, and FULL of pleasure.

My work is to help people remember who they are, again.  I love watching the beauty from this remembrance…because once that happens, sex is easy. Love is easy. Wealth is easy.

Everything is already there within you. It’s already done. It’s just a matter of waking up and participating in the Truth that’s there.

Delicious, isn’t it??

 with co-facilitator


Sabrina Kudic is your Go-To Expert on human connection and intimacy.  For almost a decade, Sabrina has been an integral figure in queer NYC nightlife and zeroed in on dozens of powerful personalities in two East Village restaurants (Jeepney and Maharlika).  Sabrina is currently studying with Jaiya, sexologist for Tony Robbins and countless other celebrities (Julianne Hough, etc.) and creator of the Erotic Blueprints™ and Satyen Raja, Founder of Accelerated Evolution Methodologies and coach to T. Harv Eker, Colin Sprake, etc. Sabrina majored in Media Studies at Queens College to master the art of recreating and documenting authentic stories of intimacy and pain. In 2015 they moved to Chicago to challenge their expertise in a new city and find the nuances of the psyche in midwestern clientele. While there, Sabrina assisted in the openings of the culinary brewhouse Band of Bohemia and Heisler Hospitality’s adventurous vegetable forward restaurant Bad Hunter. Throughout this time, they also silently struggled with depression, alcohol, and drug abuse. In March of 2018 they moved back to New York City to dive deep into their own psyche and spent countless hours exploring the shadow side of the human condition. This is where the core of Sabrina’s work was established. Sabrina experienced a “white light” awakening and the oneness of existence, alone, on a rooftop, in the middle of July.  This moment changed their life forever. It is with this new Truth and understanding that Sabrina takes their deep personal, professional, and spiritual studies and uses it to help everyone in their path to remembering themselves.

How the Orgasmic Arc has helped others

“… working with Genevieve absolutely jolted both my thinking about sex and my love life with my partner. {It} opened my eyes to my wife’s needs and how I can get into the mental and physical headspace to turn her on and arouse her while meeting her needs. Truly working with Genevieve was an amazing experience, even as someone who was a huge skeptic before all of this. As my wife and I move forward with our love we have Genevieve to thank for really making us a strong couple filled with desire and the knowledge of how to make each other happy. As I man, I can say I absolutely enjoyed every moment I had with Genevieve.”

Drew C

“Every single time we had a call, I had giant breakthroughs. A lot kept opening up and opening up. At first I thought I was just pretending. Every time, it just got better and better. All of a sudden.. My p*ssy woke up! All of a sudden, my whole body woke up! It was amazing!”

Shari Shane

“Before I started working with Genevieve i felt sexually starved. I really couldn’t put my finger on what was not working for me. I just knew i needed help. Working with Genevieve has been like swimming in dark water with moonlight shining the way. Genevieve has been that moonlight.

I can now see that my sexual wounding has been something that has affected my whole life. From how much I earned to decisions I have made to how I showed up in the world. Sex and pleasure are mysterious. what gives your body pleasure can be experienced or shrouded in shame.

Genevieve is a master at holding space and helping you feel seen.Genevieve helped me to reclaim my pleasure and my voice. For that I will be eternally grateful. I think what is possible now is a deepening connection with my own body and brave steps forward to connecting with my partner.”

Beth Cooper

“I came out as kinky to my husband last year. We have been struggling ever since to help him understand why I love power play, pain, and submission. Genevieve… show[ed] my husband how Dom energy works, how I respond to pain play and submission, and why it means so much to me.

Her awareness of safety, consent, and Sub space made me feel completely safe in her hands. She not only gave me a deeply meaningful and pleasurable D/S session, but explained to my husband and our group of supporting witnesses at each step what was happening, how I was responding, and how it all works.

I can’t thank her enough for her professional, compassionate, and super hot Dom[me] work! I HIGHLY recommend Genevieve for any kink play, training, and education.”


“Each day Gen would work with me on releasing different parts of my creativity, focusing my mind, rooting my feet into the earth, lifting my heart to the sky and opening my voice to truth and wisdom. I walked out on stage every night feeling like nothing could stop me, absolutely prepared physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. New York can be an intense city to live in, especially as an artist, but when you find someone who touches your inner life and reminds you who you really are, you’ll remember that life is just a journey and we should always remember to be present in every moment. That is the gift that Genevieve is. A light to help you relight.”

Frances Brennand Roper

Now it’s YOUR turn…..

So what are we getting into at Creatrix anyway? 

Day One


  • Find safety in your body, dropping your spirit into
     your nervous system and having a true, felt experience of
  • Through intrigue, rediscover how to turn yourself on to life, to your creations, to your partner 
  • In directionality, finally meet yourself fully so that you can face the world head on, without fear or doubt of the Bigness that you are!
  • Revel in the arousing completion of openness and fall into ease, serenity, and confidence in your body! 
  • A special guest will be joining us this evening to delight your senses and drop you into ecstasy, for a cause! The pleasure revolution begins on Friday night. More will be revealed at the event!

Day Two

  • It’s partnership and relationship day! Learn how to create your dream partner and discover the passionate possibilities that lie between you! 
  • Reclaim the energetic sensitivity that your nervous system has been craving and discover how to show your partner what you desire!


Kenya K. Stevens is a relationships expert, love coach, best-selling author, wife, and mother of three. Kenya attended Howard University in Washington D.C. where she graduated in 1997with a degree in Education/ Child Psychology. Not only did she scoop up a degree, but shealso met and married a fellow Howard student Carl Stevens. They now live in the mountains ofNorth Carolina raising three children. Together,for the past 12 years this power couple has built

JujuMama LLC, now known as Progressive Love Academy into a worldwide love coaching conglomerate and online Love Academy. Progressive Love Academy has certified over 150 love coaches and tantra practitioners. Beyond her college degrees, Kenya is formally trained and has practiced yoga, breathing, meditation, tantra, ancient spiritual systems and metaphysical thought since the age of 21. Kenya K Stevens wrote her first book in 2008 – Change Your Man – a sister volume to her husband’s book – Tame Your Woman . Their latest offering is the penning of one of the greatest communication tools on the planet, UPLVL Communication: The Ultimate Solution to Save Relationships and Eliminate Hurtful, Damaging, and Meaningless Arguments. She and her husband, Carl Stevens have since been featured in EBONY Magazine, The Mo’Nique Show, The Michael Baisden Show, Fox News, Dr. Phil Show, Slut Walk, and over 100 Talk Radio and television shows. Creator of The 30 Minute Orgasm™, Gender Harmonics™, UPLVL Communication™, iTantra™ and the Three Way Mirror™ Process for couples and individuals. The Progressive Love evolutionary message continues to uplift thousands daily through their social media platforms and academy membership! 



  • Discover the Final Steps to the Orgasmic Arc: Beingness and Artistry, and claim the intuitive creations that have been aching for you to manifest into the world! 
  • End the day with an epic erotic dance party lead by DJ Tasha Blank and SURPRISE Guest Creatrixes to delight and entrance you in their magic.  This evening is EPIC!


Tasha’s dance floors are an invitation to unleash the energy, genius + full-bodied aliveness that is your birthright.

Minister of sound, movement magician, international DJ, speaker, teacher and founder of NYC’s wildest dance experience The Get Down, Tasha has been leader in the global music and dance scene for over a decade.

 A master of holding space for massive transformation, she guides audiences around the world into their wildest and most powerful expression through virtual and IRL events, trainings and workshops. 

 As the lead movement guide for the BREETHE Meditation App, her guided dance audios, workshops and body-based meditations bring stressed out + overwhelmed humans back into their calmest, most inspired and productive selves with joy, efficiency and ease. 

 Her viral video manifestos, online courses, original music, writing, art and teaching integrate an interdisciplinary background in neuroscience, psychology and somatics to help folks recognize and reclaim their hidden superpowers to live their most creatively delicious existence.




Sigourney Weldon is a Business Medicine Facilitator, Spiritual Teacher & Revolutionary Leader in the New Consciousness Paradigm.

Founder of The WILDGRACE Movement, a groundbreaking development in healing, is the culmination of Sigourney’s career in Western Medicine as a Physiotherapist – specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders – and extensive training in Complementary Medicines, Ancient Healing and Temple Rites Practises, within the field of Sacred Sexuality and Tantra.

Through years of experience working with health, Sigourney discovered that the body has an intuitive ability to heal and restore itself to its natural state of homeostasis where it is wild, alive and free. She then created the The Parasympathetic Restoration Technique™, a Globally accredited modality with the International Institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT) and teaches it in privately run trainings all over the world.

She has helped thousands of clients worldwide, initiating people into states of deep psychic and creative awakening and has witnessed countless miracle and overnight healings of both women and men within her training spaces.

Day Three

  • Remember the fullness and ease that is inherently YOU, through completing the Orgasmic Arc
  • What mark are you making on the world? Connect with our community to brainstorm the impact and claim what your spirit is truly here to create.

See what’s possible with our

Woke Millionaires Panel

 get inspired, and ask questions about how to

Create through Orgasm and Pleasure!

 Calvin Witcher 

Prophet Calvin Witcher is an American spiritual guru with an international community, best-selling author, beloved activist, and acclaimed media executive. He is best known as the founder of Neumology®, which is the embodiment of his religious beliefs, spiritual teachings and practices. 

Because of his impeccable insights into life and business, Prophet Calvin Witcher actively provides spiritual support to leaders, celebrities, influencers, politicians, and business executives. His work and clients have been featured on Success Magazine, Comcast, AT&T, CNN, ABC, NBC, NPR, Netflix, Amazon, and numerous local and global media outlets.


Paige Michelle is a Human Potential and Relationship Expert, a business investor, a viral Tik-Tok celebrity, and the Editor-in-Chief at Undefined the Mag (a digital edutainment company that teaches this generation how to practically live their Human Design).  

But living and being herself is her true job and art.

Her work is for the woman who WANTS MORE. The woman who’s created a hell of life this far on desire and deadlines— but she’s ready to take control of her creation, plug into her highest power and make them say “WHAT! That isn’t even POSSIBLE! How did she do/how does she DO that?”

Brandon Love

Crumble Co founder Brandon Love crafted his first crumble product in 2015, at 2:00am while trying to de-stress from the weight of the world around him. He had a motto: Stay busy, it gets better.

With roots in graphic design, copywriting and small batch manufacturing, Brandon’s super power have always been creating online experiences that simply feel good. 

Tied in with a deep passion for queer equality and women’s rights, Brandon has built the small empire that is Crumble Co – and has had a hell of a lot of fun while doing it. He’s passionate about empowering fellow Queerpreneurs though his work, both here, at Crumble and beyond. 

Some Logistics for Ya, Darling: 

** Each day will be from 11am – 4pm EST, with breaks every 60-90 mins, plenty of time to MOVE YOUR BODY and RELEASE ENERGY! 

** We have a not-to-be-missed special guest from 7-830pm EST on Friday night, and our EPIC movement and creation circle is happening from 7-9pm EST on Saturday evening. 

** The event will be run via Zoom webinar for Friday and Saturday.  We will move to Zoom meeting on Saturday night into Sunday cause you’ll wanna feel the community of epic humans with you (please have your videos on for this portion)!

**  This event will NOT be recorded due to the intimate nature. It’s worth staying awake for it, those of you in Australia or Japan!

Participating in Creatrix means letting go of the “right and wrong” lies you’ve been fed.

It means letting yourself be 100% free to experience life the way it’s meant to be experienced. 

Full of Love Full of Creation. full of Pleasure. Full.


Are you ready to feel good in your body?

Are you ready to be in a constant pleasure zone? 

Are you ready to wake up to who you have always been? 


See you at Creatrix

© 2020 Essential Reclamation, Inc