Dissolve Shame and Suffering
Reclaim Your Full 3rotic Potential
Live Life in Pleasure, Forever!

April 30th – May 2nd, 2021

Friday 7pm – 10pm EST
Saturday 10am – 10pm EST
Sunday 10am – 4pm EST

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What is Pleasure Alchemy?

Are you ready to begin to create from a place of pleasure, joy, ease, and bliss?

Explore wildly powerful tools and techniques for embodying self-connection and pleasure, securing sovereignty and certainty within your own body, and opening yourself to the realms of unlimited passion and abundance for a lifetime!

How long have you been waiting to press “go” on putting YOUR pleasure first?

Why wait any longer to transform your way of Being?


Embody the unique codes to unlocking the source of your pleasure and satisfaction, on your own body, all by yourself! These simple tools will fill you with radiance, ease, and bliss.
Understand what turns you on and what turns you off, and be able to relate that to the people around you as well so that you can be in the flow of pleasure with them 24/7!
Know how to move stuck and stagnant energy through your body
Confidence and ease to create the life, business, or relationship that you desire by using your pleasure as a fully regenerative, abundant resource!
Tools to help you feel more alive and satisfied instead of stuck in your head, unable to feel what is really happening in your body
Skills and confidence that you can come back to yourself, at any time, and know exactly what to do
An exciting and effective plan for a new paradigm of living in complete pleasure!


‘”What’s shifted for me? I’m listening to others more, I pay attention, I speak from my desires, I’m growing a backbone, I stand up for myself, I put myself first, I’m happy and I love myself, I think about what I want and when I’m happy and fulfilled so is everyone else.”


‘”I felt a lightness after the weekend, an openness to myself, a willingness to explore me and my body more often, getting to know me, intimately, willing to stretch out of my comfort zone.”


‘”The biggest result for me was realizing that there’s nothing about me that I need to fix.”


””Giving myself permission to take up space and play. I am dancing now more than I have in years after all our dance parties. I feel like I have been gifted so many tools to step further into my understanding of pleasure for my experience. I left the weekend glowing and juiced up on all the growth I felt and saw. I feel a deeper enjoyment for life, a foundation that I can continue to build on.”


Together we will…

Embody your 3rotic Sovereignty & Confidence

Celebrate the full authenticity of your desire and expression!

Connect to the Truth of who You are as an 3rotic Being!

Create from a space of magnetism, abundance, and ease!

are you ready to solve
these problems?

Physical pain that you can’t seem to fix

Are you finding yourself hopeless with tension and illness in your body?

Infrequent or Low Libido

Have you made turn-on a thing that feels out of reach for you?

Emotional Suffering from your past

Pleasure killing mind chatter that robs you of your pleasure and ability to be present

Breakdowns in how to fully relax and please yourself

Building a sense of hopelessness that you’ll end up forever broken

Fear of Failure

Fear that you won’t get your needs met, fear you don’t have the skills to provide pleasure, fear that you’re not good enough to ever be fully happy with yourself

Scarcity and endless loops of drama

Is your life constantly dragging you back down to pain and suffering? Are you at a breaking point?

Loneliness and hiding

Do you find yourself hiding back from your full potential in business and relationships? Are you ready to finally create the life you desire with ease and joy?

Three Days that will Revolutionize…

your experience of pleasure



Discover Your Unique Erotic Blueprint™

Release Fear and Create Your Vision: Claim and commit to your big vision and listen and honor the intuitive guidance of your inner soul. Release fears and allow this vision to carry you forward!

Embody Your Erotic Blueprint™: Learn the ins and outs of the Five Core Erotic Blueprints™ and get special tips and techniques to keep yourself feeling vibrant, alive, and satisfied.



Discover the World of Infinite Sovereign Pleasure Possibility!

Hone In on Your Self-Pleasure Experience: Watch a special live demo of Genevieve’s self-pleasure practice and clear out any resistances or confusion around how to fully open yourself to pleasure!

Clear Any Blocks in Your Erotic Energy: Through deep somatic work, allow your natural, raw, erotic energy to move through you and clear out any blocks

EPIC EROTIC BLUEPRINT™ EMBODIMENT EVENING WITH SPECIAL GUEST: IAN FERGUSON! Dance Like Nobody’s Watching!! In this virtual dance party environment, explore your body through guided movement and journey to ecstatic states you may have never experienced before!

Somatically Guided Through Each of The Blueprints, Supported by a Live DJ’d Set of Erotic Blueprint Music, Held In the Intimacy and Privacy of Your Home…

  • Claim Your Personal Experience of Pleasure
  • Embody Your Erotic Blueprint
  • Unleash Your Erotic Persona Embrace Your Sexual Autonomy
  • Free Your True Self



Develop a Plan for Unlimited Pleasure and Abundance

Create a lifetime of opportunities to shift pain and suffering into pleasure.
Find deep, soulful connections within the community that could last forever
Gain certainty and clarity you continue to remind yourself of who you truly are as an erotic superstar!


About Your Alchemy Guide

Genevieve is your go-to expert on the Erotic. She is a Sexual Expansion Speaker and Guide who has been influencing the Erotic Arts for the past 15 years. Genevieve is a Certified Erotic Blueprint™ Coach and Erotic Blueprint™ Master Trainer (under Jaiya, sexologist for Tony Robbins, Julianne Hough, and other major leaders, and creator of The Erotic Blueprints™ which have been mentioned on The View, The Talk, Oprah Magazine, People Magazine, and more), Former Professional Dominatrix and Certified in Accelerated Evolution Psychospiritual Methodologies under Satyen Raja (trainer for T Harv Eker, Colin Sprake, and Gabor Maté, to name a few). Genevieve is also certified in Somatic-Based Chakra Therapy by Anodea Judith, author of Eastern Body, Western Mind and Wheels of Life and has a background in psychotherapy, graduating Magna Cum Laude from Marymount Manhattan College in NYC. Through her transformational online group events and workshops and 1:1 sexual mastery mentorships, Genevieve guides you in freeing your sexual conditioning so that you can show up FULLY and rediscover your sexy, wild, passionate, liberated self.


‘”This week, I have been able to approach what would otherwise have been tough/triggering situations from a place of love, acceptance and joy. To see things as simply a game I am playing – that lightness, ingrained in a strong sense of love has been very stabilizing for me emotionally. I am also more able to receive the people in my life as sovereign beings of choice, perfect in every way. In general, I have been happier – more joyful and even more productive!”


‘”I feel alive and juicy! I feel like I have a whole new relationship with myself. I feel like I reframed lots of things. I love thinking of everything like a game. I’ve been saying “you are welcome here” to every painful part all day today. Working with body centered polarity isn’t new to me, but your teaching opened it in me in a new way. I have been very playful and seductive with my husband which feels soooo fun! Thank you!”


‘”I feel really tingly, alive and accepting of the full spectrum of my emotions! I’m excited to keep playing and exploring.”


””Feeling fed, nourished, and like I have the tools to continue to learn and grow. I am committing to practicing my pleasure.”


Are you ready to jump into the boldness of your pleasure?

Deeper layers of suffering, pain, and disconnected
Endless loops of frustration and annoyance
Lack of awareness and intimacy with yourself, leading to poor judgments and trouble making decisions
Relationships failing. Relationships dulling.
Feeling stuck or lost in your creative endeavors

Don’t hope that things will magically get better

Claim your spot now!