A Community to Bring You Back to Infinite Pleasure!


Put your pleasure first

We know you’ve got this vision

Where everyone is living in their fullest expression!

Where everyone is free to safely explore their sexuality!

Where everyone can come together to feel deliciously amazing and creatively expansive!

Let us tell you…..

We’re creating that world. Right here. Right now.

In an inclusive community where you can collaboratively touch on any sxx topic

with like-minded people who are looking to curiously explore, learn, and free themselves too!

We’ve heard your calls.

(You’ve been screaming “more” for a while now.)

And we’re ready to give you more!

More sizzling s3x tools

More conscious community

More heart-centered connection

More effective skills of communicating

More of whatever it is that you need to have more pleasure in your life!

(Just tell us, we’re here for you!)

Dive in to your Pleasure

when it feels good to you

You’ve been looking for a safe space to share what’s been coming up for you in your pleasure practice…

To learn more about how to live life in pleasure…

To lean in and feel out some of the things we teach about…

Look no further, love. We’ve got you covered.

We’re ready to burst through the internet walls and give it all to you.

We’re talking deep-digging and interactive Q&As,

Seductively guided modules and exercises,

And a community who gets that pleasure is way more than a fun little secret.

Feel the Collective Power of a Pleasure Community

We live and create from a place of pleasure.

And if you’re familiar with our mission of bringing pleasure to all, 

You probably also know that living in that place always, 

is possible!

It’s why we’ve created the Pleasure Collective!

To make this place accessible to you all.  Every day. All the time.

The Pleasure Collective is here to be your reminder. 




If you…….


Are craving tools you can embody and use whenever you want


Ache for a community where you can chat about s3x without judgement or shame


Have been lusting for a community of people who, just like you, are here to uplift the planet into pleasure...

Then Pull Up A Chair…

to our table of Founding Members

That’s right – we want your fierce leadership and wisdom to collaborate with us to build this vision together.

You know that little tingle of excitement you’ve felt?

The one that has pinged a little curiosity inside your heart?

To go ahead and stretch outside your comfort zone…

To slow down, take a deep breath in…

And dive into all the things you’ve been thirsting to explore within your sexuality?

(Psst, this is where it all starts!)

We’re building a place where curiosities are welcome

And shared wisdom is power.

It’s a place where you can get excited over all the juicy goodies!

Take what you need,

And come back hungry for more when you want.

It’s like the s3xiest buffet you’ve ever dined at.

All the info is here for you to sample…

You just get to taste what you want, when you want.

Let me tell you a secret…..

The shame our society has built around pleasure is a shame we too often carry as our own.

Why hide behind something that’s not only normal, but exhilarating?

Why turn something that feels so good into something that feels bad?

It just doesn’t make sense, does it?

The Pleasure Collective is a safe space for you to explore, grow, and cultivate tools to break through your pleasure ceilings!

In this membership we’re here to celebrate you exactly where you are in your own personal journey.

We’re here waiting for you, all you gotta do is jump.

Be ready to feel the freedom and aliveness you’ve only ever dreamed of.


The Membership sounds effing amazing!

But what exactly do I get?



Sabs has been cultivating their artistry over the past decade of their life and it is most vividly expressed in the strength and fortitude of their heart. They will be sharing the gift of who they Be to you all through this membership! They will be in direct communication with all and bring forth their own personal wisdom as well as the wisdom of others to help expand on our collective knowledge of all topics! They are also passionate about movement and will be providing tools and soundtracks to help stir any and all fires in you.



Every 3 months, you’ll have exclusive access to a live-streamed 8 week course on topics like kink, venting, chakra systems, sex magic, relationships, and self pleasuring techniques taught by Genevieve (with special guests along the way). We will be guiding you through the six steps to the Orgasmic Arc over time. Each course will be there to help you dive deeper into each step. We will archive all of the teachings where you can easily access information again and again



At least twice per month, you can join us face-to-face and ask about all the juicy details you’ve been dying to know. Get live coaching, feedback, and energy boosts lead by lead coaches so that you can be sure that you’re on your way to love, freedom, and epic sex! We’re an open book and ready for you to read.



As a Founding Member, you have the opportunity to request the kind of content you’ve been dying for! Let us know what types of tools you need to apply the sexy knowledge at home and we’ll build it together.

Founding members join at the special low price of