F*ck Yourself Open

Alchemize Suffering. Reclaim Bliss.

This book is a journey into my life and how I learned and honed the techniques that I now use with hundreds of clients. Part memoir and part how-to, pick this book up if you want to get to know how I see the world and how to move yourself out of suffering and into bliss!

[F*ck Yourself Open] is written for:
The spiritual seeker who’s exhausted with all the seeking and ready to get their sex, play, and fun back into the game.
The overdoing do-gooder who pleases everyone else and drains their own life force energy.
The person who’s tried all of the other “spiritual” teachings and still finds themselves searching for “the answer”.

This book is meant to bring you back to the wholeness of your pleasure and bliss without having to learn and adopt the “perfect” strategy, or learn the “right” way to do it from a guru. This is a book meant to empower you into your own inner magic. Every single human on the planet is already their own healer. Pick up this book to remember how.


‘”Genevieve is extraordinarily gifted in both her energetic awareness as well as her ability to explain the often ineffable experience of exploring the energetic body beyond anything that I have seen before.”

Destin Gerek

Author of The Divine Masculine

“Who better to guide you on a journey to yourself than someone who has walked the apparent path? These are not just ideas on a page, they are lived experiences that Genevieve has been inside of. A trail guide who doesn’t know the terrain isn’t a guide at all. Genevieve has been on the trail and knows the terrain well. Think of Genevieve like a flashlight in the dark, pointing the way because they’ve been there. Wherever “there” is! Genevieve is the flashlight, pleasure is a pathway, and you dear reader, well, Who and What you are will be unveiled through your own internal journey. And you’ll be grateful you had a flashlight along the way!”


Award-winning Sexologist and Creator of The Erotic Blueprints™

“F*ck Yourself Open is an erotic, raw, fearless and enchanted account of the multifaceted exploration of creation energy working through each of us and how we can heal through pleasure. Genevieve f*cking nailed it (literally and figuratively)!”

Nicole Perretti

Co-founder of Twin Flame Revolution

“Genevieve masterfully bridges self-pleasure with self-power and you can’t help but experience moments of bliss on every page! F*ck Yourself Open is the very tool to help visionaries unleash untapped potential personally and professionally.”

Prophet Calvin Witcher

Founder of Neumology®