I’m Genevieve…

pronouns: she/they

My soul has always been on a mission to wake the world up to ease, pleasure, and, ultimately, love.

To learn how to do this, I lived first in complete chaos, pain, and suffering. My childhood was peppered with violent experiences, and moments of extreme physical and sexual pain. I was institutionalized at 12 years old, and a drug addict not long after. I was fading away because I refused to be a part of a society that forced mind over body, disconnection over connection, and “work hard, do better.”

As a young child, I was terrified of people who were disconnected from their bodies, it looked so scary to me. I have always been able to see energy visually. As a child, they pegged it as psychosis, but now, it’s one of my greatest gifts.

I rebelliously began my own path of reclaiming my vitality, since no one else seemed to really embody it. I started working as a Pro Domme in NYC as soon as I was of age. In that work, I not only got to witness the edgy darkness of what shame does to people’s sexuality, but also how to hone my energetic capacity so that I could truly help people find freedom within their skin. I began to reclaim anger and feel my power again after experiencing numerous rapes as a child.

This feeling in my body. This aliveness, this love for the human in front of me. This is what I had been seeking, and I knew that this was how I was going to wake up the planet to its full sexual aliveness.

I work from a space of embodied knowing that every single one of us on the planet is already whole, complete, perfect, and FULL of pleasure.

Once I felt this within my skin, I was able to create a successful business, parent with ease, and call in my divine life partner who also knows who they are… and multiple lovers to play with on top of it! Yes, you CAN have it all!

I was told by multiple top therapists that I had Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and that I was un-healable, that it was one of the worst cases they’ve ever encountered.

Now, I live in pure bliss. In ease. In celebration of my human body and the sexy, hot, aliveness that is in all of us!
My work is to watch people remember who they are, again. When this remembrance happens, sex is easy. Love is easy. Wealth is easy.

Gone are the days of having to constantly heal, work harder, or become better.

You’re already it. Everything’s already done, it’s simply a matter of waking up to the Truth of you, of us, of this brilliant life orgy that we’re all playing in! How delicious it is, isn’t it?!


Training and Certifications Include:

Certified Master Trainer of The Erotic Blueprints™ by Jaiya
Certified Accelerated Evolution Psychospiritual Guide by Satyen Raja
Master Shamanic Reiki Practitioner (Huna Tradition) by Jonathan Hammond
Chakra Therapy Training by Anodea Judith
Professional Dominatrix Training by Various Top NYC Dommes
Master’s Degree in Special Education
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Member of Psi Chi, Magna Cum Laude
Words from a VIP Client (click to read)

“As a mentor, teacher, and coach, Genevieve creates a safe container of unconditional love and acceptance that is unparalleled. You can rest assured that whatever you bring to Genevieve, she will not judge you or ever make you wrong.

Genevieve teaches that Pleasure is complete acceptance of what you are feeling. She helps people understand there is no right/wrong when it comes to how you feel… This gift is made all the more special in that sexuality can be such a tender area full of shame for many people but Genevieve holds space in a way that makes everyone feel welcome and wanted.

At the same time, she holds impeccable boundaries so that anyone working with her, attending her events, or in her community, feels very safe, held, and respected. But she is able to hold strong boundaries (both in her body and in her space) with a seemingly light touch that never feels punitive or shaming.

Genevieve is a master at reading energy and feeling what is going on in people’s bodies without even needing words or stories. She is a magician at assisting couples to intimately “speak each others’ erotic languages” without making either person feel wrong or responsible. She can do so with an ease and insight and a light touch that helps even the most sensitive of issues feel like play.

In addition to being smart, fun, and loving, Genevieve has an almost otherworldly magnetism that draws people to her with ease. While she has shared about her deep past traumas, Genevieve clearly walks her talk and has met her shadows in a way that gives her the clarity, depth and presence to hold others without feeling heavy or dense to be around. And she never tries to pretend that she is perfect. She is transparent in her shadow and shares what is present for her with an honesty and vulnerability that just makes you love and respect her more.

One of the very best things about Genevieve is that she has “awakened” to the truth of who she is and who we all really are – Oneness and Love, and she helps remind everyone she works with of the same. Yet, if you aren’t ready for that experience, Genevieve is thrilled to meet you where you are and never thinks of herself as better than anyone. She even goes so far to tell everyone she works with that they have everything they need and don’t really need her. As far as she is concerned there is no hierarchy and she just wants everyone to live in as much Pleasure, Abundance and in the Orgasmic way she does as possible. Genevieve shows you how life is a “game” that you want to play with her as your guide!”

– Jodi, Former VIP Client

Bess Leader, Love Liasion 

pronouns: She/they

Bess Leader is a sex and pleasure coach dedicated to play, personal growth and eroticism. Drawing from her previous ventures in Ayurvedic wellness, being a vegan chef in Costa Rica, and years as an erotic dancer, Bess aspires to share all of the juicy pleasures of life that can be found in the liberation of ones sexuality.

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