I’m Genevieve…

I’m here to turn you on to your wild, sexual aliveness!

Clients Say…

“Genevieve is a master at reading energy and feeling what is going on in people’s bodies without even needing words or stories. She is a magician at assisting couples to intimately “speak each others erotic languages” without making either person feel wrong or responsible. She can do so with an ease and insight and a light touch that helps even the most sensitive of issues feel like play."

Jodi, VIP Client

“I love my body. I feel beautiful, brilliant, powerful, wise, and abundant, and I LOVE my turn-on. I spend more of my day in pleasure, and all of my day in my essence: vision, heart, play, spirit and beauty. Thank you, Genevieve!"

Anonymous VIP Client

“Every single time we had a call, I had giant breakthroughs. A lot kept opening up and opening up. At first I thought I was just pretending. Every time, it just got better and better. All of a sudden.. My p*ssy woke up! All of a sudden, my whole body woke up! It was amazing!"

Shari Shane, VIP Client

“Before I started this journey, I was holding a lot of shame around pleasure and had the idea that I was doing everything wrong and that my desires were too wild and too out there. I thought I was going to keep getting it wrong if I wouldn't get it under control. To get it right was this holy sexual path of tantra and scriptures. Now I understand that there’s a whole other world… the world of energy. Now I feel more at ease about things. It’s not as much of a hustle or a game, it’s like “alright, this is cool & easy”. Pleasure is an energy I want to keep playing with - not just the energy of unconditional love or the energy of surrender but the energy of PLEASURE."

Josh, Pleasure Academy Graduate

“I am delightfully connected to my body, uber aware of my nervous system, connected to sex and pleasure, most secure place I've been in, in my relationship with my partner, probably ever. Working less and making more… I feel like anything is possible without my attachment to all the things which went, poof!"

GG, Pleasure Creation Graduate

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