What did you love about the event?

I loved all of it. I loved the flow… how and when things were shared with breaks coming at the right time. I loved the demos that were potent in their brevity. I loved being able to follow along with practices in the privacy of own home and in some ways it was easier to sink in without being on camera. I loved the relationship portion being it’s own section then completing with a yummy s3x magick practice and ownership and gratitude. Delicious day!

~ Jodi ~

What did you love?

The Demo was the bomb. I always love seeing Genevieve work with people. The Transformation is amazing in just that small amount of time.

~ Beth ~

What did you love about the Event?

This experience was absolutely phenomenal. So well put together and delivered. Great timing. Awesome content. Super helpful. Thank you so much to all of you who contributed to putting this on and to Genevieve for letting all this wonderful content come through you. 

Much love,

Monica Jayne

What did you love?

LOVE LOVE LOVED the couples segment!  I appreciated the slides as I’m a visual learner.  I loved the fun, the light, the play of it all.   

~ Beth ~


F*ck Yourself Open

Hey darlin’,

Did you know that you don’t have to live in pain and suffering anymore?

Did you know that life actually gets to be full of bliss and ease?

Did you know that the panic and tension that you feel in your body is actually no. longer. necessary? 

And – here’s the best part – when you actually feel yourself LETTING GO within your system and reconnecting to your PLEASURE, 

You. Won’t. Lose. A. Thing.

Yes, you heard me.

You actually get to HAVE IT ALL! 

Hot sex, relaxation, abundance without “working hard,” and ease in your relationships. 

Join us at F*ck Yourself Open to experience this magic within your skin.

A Transformational One Day

Pleasure and Sex Retreat for 

Burned-out  High-Achievers & Spiritual Seekers




February 9, 2021

*limited to 40 Pleasure-Seekers* 

This event will be recorded and sent out to all participants within 7 days. YOU MUST REGISTER IN ORDER TO RECEIVE A RECORDING. Recordings will be available to watch until March 9th, 2021



“I’ve been able to tap into a sense of deep sensual relaxation where time no longer matters.  This is a really lovely feeling that I previously could only access laying with a partner. To know I can lay with myself in this way is so empowering”


“Genevieve is a master at holding space and helping you feel seen. Genevieve helped me to reclaim my pleasure and my voice. For that I will be eternally grateful”


There’s a simplicity in letting go with your own two hands.  This tool isn’t easy, but it’s simple. Once you have it, your body, and your world, will open up.

I’m sure you’ve already had some experiences with feeling bliss in pleasure, maybe in S Factor, or through the most delicious, or maybe during a meditation…


You may even know how delicious it feels after you’ve been f*cked fully open, lying on the bed covered in sweat, panting heavily with a smile across your face…


You have tried everything to find satisfaction in your life, and it feels like nothing really works! Maybe, you think, maybe pleasure really works, and is the missing key.


I know, it goes against everything society has taught you. Pleasure? How’s that going to “fix” your anxiety, your tension, your aches, your longing to find fulfillment?


It will do that, and so much more.


I know, having to do something else doesn’t sound very appealing, does it?


But one if it only takes one action per day to bring you back to your full, unstoppable, unapologetic aliveness?


I took the hard road, too.  I did all the things.  Did all the yoga.  Took all the courses.  Tried all the “new age” routines. But all I was left with was some yoni eggs, a tense body that I didn’t know how to touch, and a swirling head of confusion.


In this one day workshop, I’m going to take you through the exact steps that I did to live my life in ease, bliss, and pleasure, and I’m going to do it in a simple, easy to follow formula: The Orgasmic Arc


F*ck Yourself Open

a one day online retreat

A Transformational One Day Pleasure and Sex Retreat for Burned-out Entrepreneurs and Stressed-Out Alpha Femmes


  • Easily prioritize pleasure so that it never feels like work

  • Flirt with yourself so that you stay totally intrigued and turned on throughout the day

  • Open yourself into bliss every time that you go into a self-pleasure practice

  • Release any pent-up emotions or resistances that are stopping you from fully claiming your pleasure

  • Healing and integrating the “not-good-enough” and critical parts of yourself that keep you from feeling free to be fully YOU!

  • Expand your pleasure practice into your relationship(s), calling in the One or re-invigorating a stale relationship that you’ve been in for decades

  • Domme your time and create new habits based on bliss instead of pressure!

  • Create what’s next in the unboxing of your pleasure! Have a clear roadmap for your most Pleasurable 2021!

what others are saying after

working with Genevieve


“I’ve been feeling pleasurable and making it a point to just simply be pleasure. Life has slowed down and my default is no longer stress.” 
Danielle Faber
“Now I am celebrating my capacity to feel it all, from humans, plants, trees, distant pulsars and galaxies. I am realising feeling it all is a gift, not a curse. It’s all about how I perceive the waves. They are ALL LOVE. I knew that as a concept before, but now I trust it and my cells remember. My body feels so heavy, but good heavy…like I’ve landed and have stopped thrashing around. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏 “
Clare Barnes

F*ck Yourself Open

online retreat

February 9, 2021

*Limited to 40 Changemakers*



$197 for

The Pleasure Circle Community

This event will be recorded and sent out to all participants within 7 days. YOU MUST REGISTER IN ORDER TO RECEIVE A RECORDING. Recordings will be available to watch until March 9th, 2021



The F*ck Yourself Open

Online Retreat Is Perfect For

  • The overworked jack-of-all-trades, overachiever who needs a damn BREAK but would never admit it (I see you)!

  • The pleasure-curious who has read all about it, but doesn’t feel it in their body

  • The courageous experimenter who is ready to dive into a totally new, rebellious way of being with their body and the world!

  • The leader who constantly cares for others and is finally ready to put themselves first

Leave Feeling Turned On by Your Own Two Hands

So You can Always Bring Yourself Back to Pleasure

And Lead Your Life in Love, Freedom, and Openness

Because…Your Power. Your Passion. Your Pleasure.

the World needs it

What We’re Going to Cover During The Online Retreat

Prioritizing Pleasure – How the hell can I possible find pleasure with my crazy, busy, day, Genevieve?! You’re outta your mind. 

I’ve heard so many excuses as to why pleasure just can’t fit into the calendar.  I’ve worked with people with 5+ kids, single mamas, billionaires and celebrity CEOs, and we GET IT.  Pleasure gets smushed to the end of the day when all you want to do is SLEEP. I get it, y’all. 

But, can I be honest with you? If I were to look at your body and your nervous system, I would see that underneath all of this pushing away of pleasure, your body is dying to open.  The tension in your system is causing dissociation, pain, anxiety, and confusion.  You don’t have to live like this anymore, and it can be done easily.  Learn how to make Pleasure your North Star and commit to it completely. 

Discover The Orgasmic Arc (Self-Pleasure is just Sex with One Person Only!)

Genevieve’s Signature Self-Pleasure Framework, The Orgasmic Arc, is guaranteed to bring you into bliss, surrender, and divine openness. 

Say goodbye to the days of not being sure how to help your body relax.  It is no longer needed, and it is time to learn the skills to truly keep yourself in flow state all day, every day, no matter what sort of resistances are in the way. 

Heal and Integrate the Shadow Parts of Yourself

So many of us aren’t in pleasure because we are terrified to bring ALL of us 

forward.  What will happen to your life if you let the scary, shadowy parts out? What would happen if you claimed your rage? Will the whole house burn down, will people stop loving you? How can you be fully alive AND be all of yourself AND still have the good things in life? 

In this powerful segment, you will learn how to truly meet yourself, hold yourself, and allow the shadow parts of your sexuality: shame, fear, anxiety, dissociation, etc. to be loved and fully accepted by YOU! From here, watch freedom ring. 

Expand into Pleasure Throughout the Day

Already really great at feeling your turn-on when you’ve just done S Factor and hung out with your sister circle? 

Having a great time finding your orgasm with that epic lover that comes over once a week? 

But then… when your kids come home, or that meeting starts, you shockingly lose all of your pleasure and begin to feel tension creep back into your body, leaving you totally spent and exhausted by the end of the day.

Ew. What’s up with that? Not needed! You get to live in pleasure ALL DAY, EVERY DAY! I’m gonna show you how!  

Expand Pleasure with Your Lovers

Feeling ready to take the Orgasmic Arc into the bedroom with your partner? 

Your self-pleasure practice feels pretty good and now you want to take it a step further and help your partner navigate how to open you? 

Maybe your relationship feels stale and you want to rediscover the passion that you once had? 

In this portion of the workshop, I’ll be working 1:1 with a couple (it may be you!), so you can see exactly how to apply this formula to your relationship and let your relationship be f*cked wide open, as well! 

Create a Pleasure Roadmap

What would it be like if your future was entirely built on the foundation of YOUR desire? What could you create? 

 In this segment, have a clear gameplan to continue this beautiful journey back home to your own skin so that you can show up fully turned-on for years to come! 

You can’t truly embody your pleasure if you don’t know how to open yourself in the first place.

There’s a lot of noise out there about how to have all the orgasms, all the techniques, all the skills. 

You’ll On February 9th, you’ll discover how to f*ck yourself open so that the skills and techniques aren’t even necessary.

We’ll Cover:

  • A 5-part framework that has opened dozens of stressed out leaders into bliss and freedom
  • How to truly play with your body in a way that brings you to eternal satisfaction
  • What to do with the parts of yourself that resist pleasure and how to easily bring them back to bliss
  • Pleasure expansion techniques so that all relationships and all the hours in your day get to be filled with pleasure!

PLUS Get Real Time Coaching From 

Me and My Team of Bad-Ass Leaders

We limit the number of participants because this is truly an experiential retreat where you’ll be learning how to embody this level of power and pleasure on the spot!

One of the best parts?

We will be there to give you live real time guidance every step of the way on your self-touch, self-awareness, and answer questions along the way

We’ll be there to support you as you step into full sexual aliveness.

Our Goal: For you to walk away with an embodied knowing of power and pleasure that you’ve never felt before! 





Genevieve is your go-to expert on the Erotic. She is a Sexual Expansion Speaker and Guide who has been influencing the Erotic Arts for the past 15 years. Genevieve is a Certified Erotic Blueprint™ Coach and Erotic Blueprint™ Master Trainer (under Jaiya, sexologist for Tony Robbins, Julianne Hough, and other major leaders, and creator of The Erotic Blueprints™ which have been mentioned on The View, The Talk, Oprah Magazine, People Magazine, and more), Former Professional Dominatrix and Certified in Accelerated Evolution Psychospiritual Methodologies under Satyen Raja (trainer for T Harv Eker, Colin Sprake, and Gabor Maté, to name a few). Genevieve is also certified in Somatic-Based Chakra Therapy by Anodea Judith, author of Eastern Body, Western Mind and Wheels of Life and has a background in psychotherapy, graduating Magna Cum Laude from Marymount Manhattan College in NYC. Through her transformational online group events and workshops and 1:1 sexual mastery mentorships, Genevieve guides you in freeing your sexual conditioning so that you can show up FULLY and rediscover your sexy, wild, passionate, liberated self.

a personal note from Genevieve

I believe that the world will become free again when every single one of us takes a stand for our pleasure. 

With our pleasure, we find self-responsibility, we find Truth, we find our innate perfection.

From this state of Being, we get to transform the world simply by being the lighthouse for others. 

From this state of Being, we can show up fully, love fully, and heal any parts of ourselves that drag us down. 

Pleasure is simple, but it isn’t easy, because it is 180 degrees different from the thinking of modern society. 

To be a leader who puts pleasure first is to be truly revolutionary. 

Join the revolution. It’s a wildly fun ride ;)